Trident Reader

Made in Italy


Sharp High Quality Images

The Reader phosphor plate scanner is powerful, easy to use and engineered to provide high quality, sharp images.

Compact and elegant, Reader – phosphor plate scanner, integrates seamlessly into your practice.  Simply insert the plate into the unit and in an instant, receive sharp, crisp images. The whole process is fully automated as the durable plates are automatically erased and ready for immediate use.

Key Features and Benefits

Intuitive design -  Simply insert the plate into the Reader slot. The machine automatically detects the image plate size.

Automated process – Plates are scanned and optimized to deliver high quality, sharp images, ensuring reliable diagnosis and effective patient outcome.

Cost effective – In 5 seconds, plates are automatically erased and ready for use.  There are no associated costs with chemicals or dark rooms, saving you time and money.

Durable Phosphor plates – Flexible, thin, cordless, long lasting, and reusable are only some of the advantages when you use Reader phosphor plates. The rounded corners and 100% active surface area is comfortable for your patients and will ensure perfect diagnosis.  Safety of your patients and staff is paramount. To  prevent cross contamination, the plates  are designed with a double guard system. The hygienic sleeves are designed to offer an effective barrier against cross infection and the protective covers help to extend the life of the plates.

Connect directly to your computer via a USB connection, so there is no complicated equipment required.

Multi-user software DeepView  Scanning,  manipulating and  storing data is simple with the dedicated DeepView software. Enjoy connectivity up to 10 workstations with 1 license,  saving you further upgradable costs

DICOM network compatibility


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