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Love my dental chairs (and the guys who service them)

The same way you would ask a car mechanic friend to recommend a reliable and low maintenance car, Dr Geoffery Wan went to his go-to dental equipment technicians when he was in the market for new dental chairs about 15 months ago. “The technicians had been such a wonderful support for us, servicing our old…

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5-Star Recommendation – Dr Bernadette Kwee

Trust becomes a tangible asset when garnering expert opinion and recommendations that would influence one’s long term investments. Not only did Bernadette retain John’s services as lead engineer for installation and maintenance work, she found equally competent equipment specialists in Moe and Elizabeth from the Ampac Dental team. Commenting on the teams high work rate…

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Meet my Swiss friend – Dr Robert Thong

As a dentist, you devote significant amounts of time and energy towards developing a highly efficient and comfortable practice environment. To your patient, your dental chair is perhaps the most direct embodiment of such efficiency and comfort. Choosing the right dental chair, therefore, involves finding a delicate balance between design, comfort and technology. Not only…

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Swident Friend Easy: Friendly to use, Easy on wallet

“Although I’m not the main operator of the chair, the feedback from the oral therapist and staff team is that it runs smoothly, is easy to use and clean. All in all, the Friend Easy has proven to be an affordable and reliable unit with bangfor-buck features that make it a great investment!” Dr Ayethepalle.

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Red Carpet Experience – Dr Colin Kanowitz

There are happy customers and then there is Sydney Dental Surgeon Dr Colin Kanowitz, who literally ran out of superlatives in praise of equipment supplier Ampac Dental.

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At the heart of your equipment

“More importantly for its customers, at least in Rolf’s estimation, Ampac Dental is one of few companies out there that takes equipment installation work “very seriously”. And that is a credential he fears may be under-appreciated, although concedes it is gaining momentum as more dentists are exposed to the technical side of the business“.

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