Dental air compressor 25L

Suitable for 1 surgery. Made in Italy

Dental air compressor 25L

The dental air compressor 25L manufactured by reputable Italian company Nardi Compressori, delivers high quality, clean, oil free, dry air.

Oil residue can damage handpieces and fine pneumatic controls in the dental units. An oil free compressor is vital in protecting the health of your patients and increase the longevity of your equipment.

The Nardi dental air compressor 25L is equipped with efficient filtering system that absorbs humidity and dries the air.  The filter is made with silica gel to guarantee the air will remain moisture free.

The radiator is mounted at the outlet to reduce the high pressure pump air from 80°C to 30°C.  The unit is cooled by an electrical ventilator which turns on when cylinders exceed 40°C.

Tanks are furnace painted on the inside and outside using epoxy electrostatic dusts.

Nardi Compressors are certified by Work Cover NSW.

Warranty is 3 years on parts and 1 year on labour.

Dental air compressor 25L with Hood

An optional 25L compressor with hood is available to reduce the noise to 67dB.

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