DCI Chair mount delivery system

Made in USA, the DCI chair mount delivery system is exceptionally sturdy and reliable at an extremely affordable price. The unit is compatible with most units on the market today. Save money by upgrading your unit and not the complete chair.

DCI chair mount delivery system
DCI chair mount delivery system
DCI 3604 Precision comfort syringe

DCI Chair mount delivery system inclusions:

  • DCI Triplex syringe - Precision comfort
  • Asepsis high speed line and optional second line
  • Asepsis Low speed line
  • Sturdy all metal control head wtih smooth lines for easy cleaning
  • 6ft of 1 1/2" umbilical
  • Pneumatic control
  • Deluxe clean water system with quick switch 1 litre bottle
  • 1/4" Water Q.D. w/ flow control
  • handpiece flush

Select your configuration

  • Select the configuraiton that best suits your needs. Configure your DCI chair mount delivery sytem as a post mount, chair mount, light mount or over the patient to accomodate for left/right dentistry. Select your chair mount adaptor accordingly. Finding the right solution is easy.

Compatible with most chairs on the market today

  • The DCI chair mount delivery system is designed to grow with your practice.  Upgrade your surgery without the added expense of a new dental chair. Suitable for various models from Adec, Belmont, DentalEz, Planmeca and more. Contact Ampac Dental to see how we can help you integrate your equipment

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