Melag Standalone Vacuklav 41B+ 18L

Made in Germany


Fast, practical and reliable

The Melag brand is synonymous with quality, economy, speed and above all unparalleled sterilisation treatment for all dental practices.

The Melag 41B, 18L, B Class autoclave is a complete Standalone unit, simply plug in and use.

The fast cycle speed and performance of the Melag autoclave is based on innovative Twin chamber technology. For fast performance,  select Quick Program "B" to  sterilise wrapped instruments in 17 minutes.  Choose Quick Program "S" to process  unwrapped instruments in only 10 minutes.  Both programs include fractionated pre-vacuum and drying.

Complete with large intuitive colourful touch display, operating the Melag autoclave is fun and simple to use. Cycle options, logs and various Output Media are easy to select and can be controlled using Personal ID codes. Choose from SD card, logger, printer or computer to record the cycles.

Quality assurance and safety are made easy thanks to the integrated software that allows tracking of each sterilised instrument. An optional Label printer allows you to print labels with a bar code. The data can be scanned and linked to the patients' record.

The 41B 18L, is manufactured with a depth chamber of 35cm, 5 trays and precise management  of a maximum load of 6kg of instruments.  For a heavier workload,  look no further than the 43B 22L autoclave with depth chamber of 45cm, 6 trays and 7kg load for instruments.

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