The Swident Orthodontic units manufactured in Italy are designed with an emphasis on ergonomics, aesthetics and reliability. One of the key features of the Swident Standalone unit is the perfect balance between comfort and elegance.  Select from a palette of neutral warm colours to vivid greens and blues to complement the décor of your surgery. To cater for patients of various sizes, including wheelchair patients,  the flexible double articulated headrest can be easily adjusted.

The optional memory foam upholstery is made from durable artificial leather.  The seamless design is easy to clean and an important hygiene factor. Your patients will appreciate and relax in the soft upholstery even during the long treatment sessions.

The incredibly smooth motion of the chair during the initial start and subsequent movements is controlled by the ergonomic foot pedal. The intuitive, multifunctional foot pedal features toggle and switch for easy control of the chair movements. Two individual doctor positions can be programmed.

Depending on your preference, a wall mount, cabinet mount or cart delivery system can be integrated in the surgery. These delivery systems are manufactured from reputable international company DCI.

Choose an optional Unit or Ceiling mounted Faro LED light.

For your patients’ comfort Memory Foam Upholstery is available in 23 Vibrant colours.

The Ampac Dental team play an integral role in providing you with the expert advise and technical support. Ampac readily keeps genuine parts to ensure timely service and minimal disruption to your practice.