Melag Standalone Vacuklav

Made in Germany


31B+ 18L capacity , 23B+ 22L capacity

For continuous high quality sterilisation, fast operating times and ease of use, look no further than the innovative Pro-Class range of autoclaves from Melag.

Manufactured in Germany, under the strictest of conditions, all Melag autoclaves are manufactured according to EN10360 giving you peace of mind.

Melag 31B+ and 23B+ are standalone autoclaves. Simply plug in and use. For surgeries running the autoclave less than 4-5 times a day, select the 31B+. With a chamber volume of 18 litres, it can process 5 kg of instruments or 1.8kg or textiles.

For surgeries running the autoclave more than 4-5 times per day, 23B+ is constructed with a larger chamber of 22 litres and can process 7kg of instruments and 1.8kg of textiles.

Featuring intuitive LED touch display, operating the MELAG autoclave is simple to use. Select from:

  • Five sterilisation programs. In the Quick Program, unwrapped instruments are ready to use after 15 minutes. Alternatively, wrapped instruments are available for use after 26 to 50 minutes. All cycles include fractioned pre-vacuum method to effectively remove air from the tank and instruments. Once the cycle is complete, they are dried in the shortest time producing safe instruments.
  • 2 Test programs are available to check and document the function of the autoclave at any time.
  • Standard printer or Data logger system can be used to record vital information and ensure quality and safety for your patients.
  • Optional connection to Meladem 40 demineralised water system.
  • Optional automatic drainage.

The Standalone 31B+ autoclave can accommodate up to 5 trays or 3 standard cassette trays with lids and is backed up by 2 Year warranty.

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