Swident Friend Easy: Friendly to use, Easy on wallet

“Although I’m not the main operator of the chair, the feedback from the oral therapist and staff team is that it runs smoothly, is easy to use and clean. All in all, the Friend Easy has proven to be an affordable and reliable unit with bangfor-buck features that make it a great investment!” Dr Ayethepalle – Smilemakers Ampac-No71 – Download to read…

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At the heart of your equipment

“More importantly for its customers, at least in Rolf’s estimation, Ampac Dental is one of few companies out there that takes equipment installation work “very seriously”. And that is a credential he fears may be under-appreciated, although concedes it is gaining momentum as more dentists are exposed to the technical side of the business. “…

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Red Carpet Experience

There are happy customers and then there is Sydney Dental Surgeon Dr Colin Kanowitz, who literally ran out of superlatives in praise of equipment supplier, Ampac Dental. Ampac-No55 – Download to read this PDF

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