Trident RiX 70-DC

Made In Italy


The Choice is Clear

State-of-the-art technology, superior performance and reliable service makes the new Trident RiX-70 DC the clear choice.

Leading edge .04mm focal spot technology delivers outstanding image quality. Using film or digital applications, your images are sharper with incredible detail and superior contrast. The result, improved diagnostics and enhanced patient care.

Main Control panel with easy to read icons offers numerous preset programs for all anatomical sizes: Adult, Child, Bitewing and more.  Alternatively you can select your own anatomical programs. Quick preset options are located on the Tube Head for even further flexibility.

  • Adjustable kV 60, 65, 70, mA and time for optimum results
  • Reduced radiation
  • Shorter exposure time
  • Strong Ergonomic Design
  • Select from  65,  80 or 100cm arm lengths
  • Dosage displayed after each exposure
  • Available as Mobile Unit
  • 2 Year warranty

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