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Swident SRL

Swident was formed in 2000 by joining together the very best of two countries: Swiss technology and expertise and Italian manufacturing and design.  It is a unique combination, producing high quality dental units that are beautiful to see and comfortable to use. Swident's goal is to be the best possible partner for professionals. Hence the company mission:

                                         “We support your profession”
The dental unit is at the heart of the surgery. It includes working instruments and is where the dental team interacts with the patient. It must be welcoming, functional, safe and reliable in order to keep productivity at a high and downtime to a minimum.  This is why Swident has focused strongly on the reliability of its dental units and on efficient technical support, to ensure surgeries enjoy continuous operations and better profitability.. Swident offers professionals not just a simple dental unit, but a safe, efficient, custom solution capable of adapting perfectly to the professional’s style.

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T: 02 9567 3555 or 1800 061 343
F: 02 9599 2153
Suites 5&6, 39-45 George Street