Soredex Digora Optime DXR

Made in Finland

Digora_Optime034 classic

Suitable for small surgeries

Experience the economic benefit when you introduce digital imaging scanning into your practice.  Eliminate time, inconvenience and associated costs of using film processors.

Compact, and easy to install, the Digora DXR integrates seamlessly into your practice. With minimal training required, your staff will experience the immediate benefits of reliable, fast digital imaging scanning. Long lasting wireless imaging plates are designed to cater for all ages and anatomies. Intraoral plates are available in 0,1,2,3 sizes.

Included with the unit is 1 packet (6) of size 2 plates.

The protective cover and hygiene barrier sleeves safeguard the plates from scratches and fingerprints thus ensuring prolonged use. Once used,  the plates are automatically erased and ready for re-use.

With a fast readout time of 4-7 seconds, your staff will appreciate the immediate benefits of fast digital scanning. High quality digital scans are easily shared between 1 fixed and 1 additional workstation.

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