Swident Partner

Made In Italy

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Swiss Precision and Italian Design


Swident is a leading manufacturer with a proven history of designing innovative, reliable products that are durable and easy to maintain. The dental supplies from Swident represent a perfect blend of Swiss precision and Italian design. With the emphasis on ergonomics, reliability and aesthetics, the Swident Partner dental units provide a comfortable and positive experience for the entire dental team.

Both the Traditional (Hanging hose)  or Continental (over the patient hose) delivery systems, offer great versatility, reliability and simplicity. The smooth, perfectly balanced arm can be moved and repositioned with ease.

Manage all your unit functions including 4 separate doctor programs with ease on the intuitive control panel.

The dentist table is equipped with

  • Quality Luzzani or DCI Triplex Syringe
  • 2 High Speed Fibre Optic lines,
  • BIEN AIR microtmotor  MC3LK
  • Space to accommodate a scaler

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