Soredex CRANEX® Novus E

Made in Finland

Dental Panoramic Imaging System

Soredex has a proud history of developing state of the art dental imaging systems.
The CRANEX® Novus E is a fast, easy-to-use dental panoramic system that delivers exceptional diagnostic images with extended imaging values and enhanced operation using the ClearTouch control panel.

The Novus-E features fast exposure times and easy operation that can dramatically improve the workflow in your practice. It takes only 9 seconds to take an adult panoramic exposure with exceptional image quality. Alternatively it takes 8 seconds for a child panoramic exposure.

•Easy setup and fast and easy to use controls
•Automatic exposure values based on the selected program
•5-point head support with bite block ensures patient stability
•Three laser lights for accurate positioning
•Easily adjustable, self-locking temple supports
•Hinged mirror for easy patient positioning
•Rigid patient handles with integrated chin rest
•Clean, simple lines and smooth, flat surfaces suit all dental environments
•Compact, small footprint means CRANEX® Novus will fit into any clinic

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